Monday, February 7, 2011

Vampire Diaries - Daddy Issues & other news

So I ran across a little news today that may actually convince me that Mason Lockwood is truly dead and gone. From "Taylor Kinney, best known for his role as werewolf Mason Lockwood on Vampire Diaries, has become the first actor cast in Michael Patrick King's drama pilot for NBC A Mann's World." So with a new show in the bag I guess that may actually seal his fate. Although stranger things have happened.

Episode Daddy Issues in review:
Jonathan Gilbert is back and lets face it, NO ONE trusts this guy. He swears he is there to protect Elena but I don't buy it for one second. Stefan tries to reach out to Tyler but can you really blame Tyler for not buying it hook line and sinker? He has been dropped into a world he never knew existed and is being forced to choose a side when he doesn't even know what they are fighting over. He saves Caroline from her cage but hesitates when his fellow werewolf holds a gun to her head. Loyalty to the pack or to the friends he has always know? Tyler has some big decisions to make, lets hope its not to late for him to make them. I think we will be seeing a change in Caroline after her hostage experience. Damon sinks deeper into his despair, and now he has a new toy. Shall we take bets on how long it takes him to kill her?

In a nutshell the Werewolf's are pissed and the war in SO ON!!!!

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