Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Teen Wolf on MTV

So traditionally MTV shows are not my favorite. A) 90% of them are reality shows and B) their scripted shows are usually WAY over sexed.

So I tuned in out of curiosity. I mean come on, a tv series based on Michael J Fox's Teen Wolf, this had to be a disaster of epic proportions. You just can't remake a classic. Turns out MTV may have finally hit their mark.

Other than the main characters being named the same as in the movie, and there being werewolfs, the similaries pretty much end there. Which I think is a good thing. They have really taken this idea and made it their own. Its fresh, fast, and has LOTS of good story ahead. I think I would compare this to Vampire Diaries as far as look, style, and vibe of storyline. I'm 2 episodes in and can't wait for more.