Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Premier Watch List

I've been trying to get here to post my fall schedule for days and my life is just not helping me out. Sorry to be so late with this info. Most of these shows will premier in the next 2 weeks so get your Tivo ready!

Here is my list of old favorites that I love and will be picking up again this fall: (this list is in premiering order)

The Vampire Diaries
Two and a Half Men
Hawaii Five -0
NCIS: Los Angeles
Modern Family
Harry's Law
The Big Bang Theory
The Mentalist
Blue Bloods

New shows I will be checking out (in premiering order)

Ringer (Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to TV Wahoo!)
Up All Night (New parents vs baby let the battle begin)
Free Agents (LOVE Kathryn Hahn, excited to see her do a main role)
The Secret Circle (from the makers of the Vamp Diaries, need I say more?)
2 Broke Girls (not much hope for this one but sometimes these comedy's can suprise you)
New Girl (Zoey Deschanel!!!!)
Unforgettable (Poppy Montgomery is a detective with special powers. Interesting)
Revenge (love a good revenge story!)
Person of Interest (my favorite writer JJ Abrams w/ Jim Caviezel SWEET!)
A Gifted Man (A surgeon who sees ghosts. Hope he's a good one or he is gunna be super busy!)
Pam Am (Mad Men has created a whole slew of these period dramas this season and Christina Ricci joins the small screen family so I'm gunna check this one out. The Playboy Club will also be of this genre.)
Terra Nova (with a 16 million dollar price tag on the premier alone we are in for some GOOOOOOOD TV)
Hart of Dixie (looks like a sweet medical drama from the CW)
Suburgatory (A teenage girl moves from the city to the suburbs. Looking for some tounge in cheek rowdy fun from this one)
How to Be a Gentleman (not much hope for this one but I'm gunna check it out)
American Horror Story (love a good horror TV show. VERY excited to see this one)
The League (a show about a Fantasy Football Leauge? I'm all in!)
Last Man Standing (Tim Allen and Nancy Travis. LOVE IT!)
Man Up (Three modern men try to get in touch with their inner tough guys and redefine what it means to be a real man... some fun dumb man humor is always a plus)
Grimm (Those fairytales were not just stories, they were warnings! OHHHHHH I'm excited!)
Once Upon a Time (Centers on a woman with a troubled past who is drawn into a small town in Maine where the magic and mystery of Fairy Tales just may be real. This and Grimm seem to be similar. We will see which one wins out)
I Hate My Teenage Daughter (A story of two life-long friends who realize their children have turned out to be the same type of unlikable bullies that made high school insufferable. Could make for a good comedy)

These are mostly network shows. There are some other cable channel things that I will need to add later.
It is NO coincidence that premier week falls on my birthday people! BEST WEEK OF THE YEAR!!!

If you have any questions about a particular show dont hesitate to ask. There are a lot more out there and I just don't have time to watch them all