Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Being Human

Something to Watch Over Me
Aidan and Josh get involved in the neighborhood watch in an attempt to “play more with others”, which bring Aidan to the attention of someone from his past. The guys bring Sally a gift in the form of a fellow ghost to shows her the ghostly ropes. She if finally able to leave the house and with her freedom they start to expand her character. I hope they don’t let her wallow to long over her fiancé. I see potential in her character, and extended blubbering could really ruin it for me. Josh spends time marching in the Neighborhood watch and finds himself struggling to control his aggressive side. He makes a declaration that he doesn’t want to change in the basement of the hospital anymore. I am still confused as to why.

I have to say, for having lived for 200 yrs Aidan sure seems naive. How is he so lost after such a long time? His character baffles me. He acts more like a newly turned vamp. If I stop watching this show it will be in large part because of Bishop. I have a major dislike for this guy. He makes me angry the second they show his face on the screen. Perhaps that is his purpose in life *shrug*. Josh’s history is still a complete mystery to us and without knowing how he became the way he is, I find it hard to sympathies with his character. He seems week and silly so far.

So why do I keep watching this show? I’m really not sure. There is something that keeps drawing me back. Maybe it’s lines like when Josh says to Aidan “How are we suppose to make friends if you keep EATING them?”. Sally and her 80’s ghost pal were lots of fun in this last episode. I’m sad they sent him into the great beyond already. Aidan and Josh have their moments and I find myself wanting to cheer for them. I could really use a few more “big reveal” episodes so I don’t feel so lost all the time. They are all likable character and I want to immerse myself in their world but so far I’m just treading water.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice
Josh finally finds a Werewolf buddy. Ray reaches out to teach Josh the ropes and Josh starts to see that maybe his life aint so bad. Ray turns out not to be such a great influence though when he takes Josh out Vampire hunting. Uh oh I see conflict between the roommates brewing. Sally practices her new found powers of interacting with the living world and keeping Danny from moving on. Sally starts to see that she really must start letting go, but in her attempt to help Josh move on I fear she may have accomplished just the opposite.

When gal vamp Rebecca shows up begging Aidan to help her out of the vamp life with Bishop, Aidan tries to bring her around to his new way of life. This episode started to show the truly brutal struggle that Aidan faces everyday not to kill. His portrayal is reminiscent of a serious drug addicts struggle and finally started to ring true to me.

This week’s episode showed me a little more of the struggle that our characters are actually facing. They are starting to give me something to cheer for, something to hope for. It also didn’t hurt that Bishop was absent from this episode. I think I’ll stick around a little longer and see what happens.

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