Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Primeval is Back!

After over a year on hiatus Primeval is back on the BBCA for a fourth season and no one is happier about it than ME!!! Think of Primeval as part Jurassic Park, part Indian Jones, part Time Cop, and ALL kinds of fun. This show takes place in London where an unlikely group of experts come together to try and figure out why rips in time start popping up. They battle the creatures and people that happen through these “anomalies”, trying to keep balance through time.

Over the years this show has seen many changes. From season 1 to season 3 Primeval loses 3of its main characters, replaces them with new ones, and continues on without missing a beat. It has to be a first. I think the only way this show has been able to stay so strong is due to 2 amazing actors, Andrew Lee Potts (Connor) and Hannah Spearritt (Abby). Through all the changes these two keep their characters strong and you can’t wait to see what they do next. I completely love these two and the fact that they are a real life couple makes me love them even more.

Season 4 opens with Connor and Abby trapped in the past, living among dangerous dinosaurs, for the past year. They are finally able to make their way back to the present only to find massive changes have occurred to the ARC (Anomaly Research Center). But the war against the anomalies continues and there is little time to get their feet back under them. Although we have lost some friends along the way don’t count them out quite yet. Time is a tricky thing and you never know who could pop back up.

You can stream Seasons 1-3 on Netflix if you are interested in catching up or just go ahead and jump right in. You won’t be disappointed.

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