Monday, February 21, 2011

Being Human

The End of the World as We Knew it & It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong

This is a perfect example of why I stick it out with new shows for a while before I make a decision. Because every once in a while they turn out AWESOME. The last two episodes have been amazing. We have been given so much information and lucky for me Bishop has been all but absent. Where to begin?

We find out that Ray is actually Josh’s Were Daddy. I think when all was said and done Rays intentions were good. He created Josh and wanted to show him the ropes. Josh was not so forgiving but I think discovering why and how he became a Werewolf settled something for him. Now he is making an effort at a life. He has asked out a girl from work and their first date went pretty well, until his sister stumbles through the door having been beaten up. We knew we hadn’t heard the last from the vamps in the back alley.

Sally recovers some of her memory and discovers that Danny actually killed her. I don’t know about you but I totally did NOT see that one coming. Now she is pissed and is trying to decide on her revenge. She has a tornado fit in Danny’s apartment and leaves her ring at the center for him to find. Next, Danny chucks the ring in the river and it finds its way back to the house with Sally. Bridget starts to see the dark side of Danny when the ring shows back up at his apartment and he accuses her of messing with him. Bridget shows up to deliver the ring back to the house with bruises and Sally starts to glimpse the results of her actions.

Aidan discovers that Bishop is “recruiting” at his hospital by placing a vamp priest there. Aidan tries diplomacy in the beginning but when that fails he sends a message loud and clear back to Bishop by breaking out the vamp priest’s teeth. Bishop gets the message and is impressed. Hell, I was impressed! We finally get a glimpse that there is more to Aidan than meets the eye. Rebecca appears again, this girl is turning into a real ping pong ball. She confesses that Bishop is using her to bring Aidan to heal and claims she wants out. Aidan may have learned his lesson now and while he seems willing to help her he is not jumping in the deep end this time.

I’m really starting to love this show. Will Aidan find out what really happened with Josh and Ray that night in the alley? Will Josh be out for blood when he finds out who hurt his sister? I think Aidan and Josh are headed for a rough patch and I’m still waiting for info about how Josh and Aidan met. Will Sally be ready to leave well enough alone with Danny? I can’t see that happening. I think she will start a rescue mission to get Bridget clear of him. We have the appearance of Josh’s family coming up. Will he tell them he’s a werewolf? I don’t know what’s next but I can’t wait to find out.

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