Monday, February 21, 2011

Being Human

The End of the World as We Knew it & It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong

This is a perfect example of why I stick it out with new shows for a while before I make a decision. Because every once in a while they turn out AWESOME. The last two episodes have been amazing. We have been given so much information and lucky for me Bishop has been all but absent. Where to begin?

We find out that Ray is actually Josh’s Were Daddy. I think when all was said and done Rays intentions were good. He created Josh and wanted to show him the ropes. Josh was not so forgiving but I think discovering why and how he became a Werewolf settled something for him. Now he is making an effort at a life. He has asked out a girl from work and their first date went pretty well, until his sister stumbles through the door having been beaten up. We knew we hadn’t heard the last from the vamps in the back alley.

Sally recovers some of her memory and discovers that Danny actually killed her. I don’t know about you but I totally did NOT see that one coming. Now she is pissed and is trying to decide on her revenge. She has a tornado fit in Danny’s apartment and leaves her ring at the center for him to find. Next, Danny chucks the ring in the river and it finds its way back to the house with Sally. Bridget starts to see the dark side of Danny when the ring shows back up at his apartment and he accuses her of messing with him. Bridget shows up to deliver the ring back to the house with bruises and Sally starts to glimpse the results of her actions.

Aidan discovers that Bishop is “recruiting” at his hospital by placing a vamp priest there. Aidan tries diplomacy in the beginning but when that fails he sends a message loud and clear back to Bishop by breaking out the vamp priest’s teeth. Bishop gets the message and is impressed. Hell, I was impressed! We finally get a glimpse that there is more to Aidan than meets the eye. Rebecca appears again, this girl is turning into a real ping pong ball. She confesses that Bishop is using her to bring Aidan to heal and claims she wants out. Aidan may have learned his lesson now and while he seems willing to help her he is not jumping in the deep end this time.

I’m really starting to love this show. Will Aidan find out what really happened with Josh and Ray that night in the alley? Will Josh be out for blood when he finds out who hurt his sister? I think Aidan and Josh are headed for a rough patch and I’m still waiting for info about how Josh and Aidan met. Will Sally be ready to leave well enough alone with Danny? I can’t see that happening. I think she will start a rescue mission to get Bridget clear of him. We have the appearance of Josh’s family coming up. Will he tell them he’s a werewolf? I don’t know what’s next but I can’t wait to find out.

Monday, February 14, 2011

53rd Grammy Awards

There was lots of fun to be had at this year’s Grammy awards show. There were only a few awards here and there to interrupt the great performances that we really watch the Grammys for. Here are my favorite highlight moments:

Miranda Lambert being introduced by her fiancĂ©, Blake Shelton. How cute was that? I love “The House That Built Me” and I am excited to see Miranda live this summer.

Jaden Smith, raps with Justin Bieber. How proud were Will and Jada? It touched my heart to see the love and pride in their eyes.

How adorable was the wedding footage playing behind Katy Perry during her performance? Call me crazy but I’m pulling for Katy and Russell. They just may be crazy enough to make it work.

Is anyone else just totally OVER Lady Gaga? She gave a solid performance but what the heck was up with those shoulder prosthetic?????

Lady Antebellum gives a solid performance to back up there 5 wins

How WACKY AWESOME was the Cee Lo Green performance?!?! Add Gwyneth Paltrow and some Muppets and you have one fun and memorable performance. I completely LOVED IT!!! If you didn’t catch it, it is worth looking up.

My favorite performance of the night was the fusion of Mumford & Sons, The Avett Brothers, and Bob Dylan. Those boys came to play and they played HARD!! I can’t wait to get my hands on some new albums.

Love him or hate him, Eminem is always a crowd pleaser. You have to admire his energy and drive. He gave a great performance, with lots of great voices backing him up.

I have to admit, I have never heard of Arcade Fire before and I am NOT a fan, YICKES!!! That’s all I have to say about that!

If you watched the Grammys and have some lingering questions like:
What was the bling about that Eminem was wearing?
Who was the chick singing with Dr. Dre and Eminem?
Hasn't "Need You Now" been out forever? Why was it in this years Grammy Awards?
Here is a great article to answer all Your Burning Grammy Questions

Great show Grammy’s, can’t wait for next year

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fairly Legal – Bo Me Once

I am really enjoying this show. It’s fast, it’s entertaining and it’s full of heart. In this episode Kate takes on an abusive father and the daughter who just wants him out of her life. This episode was a little Lauren (evil step mother) heavy, are they are trying to make her a main character in this show? Up to this point she has served as a background character, someone to challenge and annoy Kate. I’m a little confused also by Kate’s relationship with her ex-husband Justin. Are they dating again? What was the reason for the divorce in the first place? They seem to have a pretty good relationship, which makes it all the more confusing. I am looking forward to finding out the answers as this show moves forward.

Vampire Diaries – Crying Wolf

The wolf pack makes their move this week, trying to get their hands on Elena. They kill Alaric (they think) and take Damon hostage and try torturing him to find the moon stone. Meanwhile, they send only 1 wolf to retrieve Elena from the lake house. Seriously? Only 1? Sure they sent Tyler with him but once again Tyler jumps sides and the werewolf pack is down another member. Elijah once again comes to Damon’s rescue, killing the entire wolf pack except Jules who runs for her life. Bonnie, with help from Caroline and Jeremy, uses a little magic on Luca and discovers some disturbing facts about the deal with Elijah. We learn that Luca and his dad are trying to rescue his sister, who is being held by the big grand-daddy of them all, Klaus. Uncle John causes more trouble this week; planting seeds in Jenna’s mind that maybe Alaric isn’t tell her everything.

A good episode, firming up guesses we were already making. Under Elijah’s deal, Elena’s friends and family will be protected but ultimately Elena will still die to break the curse. The only wolfs left after the dust settles are Jules and Tyler who leave town in a hurry. I’m sure this isn’t the last we have heard of them. As far as aunt Jenna goes, I’m surprised that they have kept her in the dark this long. Seriously, is the woman completely oblivious to what is going on around her???

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Off The Map - On the Mean Streets of San Miguel

This show is still weak. While I enjoy the young Dr’s that have just arrived in the jungle, the story lines tend to cause me to roll my eyes. This week we have a Nazzi that has been hiding out in the jungle, teaching children, for the last 60 years. A trip into San Miguel where one of our young Dr has to bribe government officials to get the clinics medicine. At this point this show is becoming a filler to watch when I have nothing better on the DVR. Honestly, I have my doubt about jumping on the Grey’s Anatomy train if this is all these writers / creators are capable of. Tonight’s new episode promises to be “moving” I’m not holding my breath.

Hellcats - Remember When

Ok, I admit it. I love this show. It is everything that I love about TV, nothing but entertainment. This week Marty has to make the decision to save a man’s life or be loyal to her team. I love the way they approached this episode. While she struggles to make the decision by herself, her eyes are opened to the history and heart of the team. In this episode Marty really truly becomes a Hellcat as she completes her. In the end she decides the decision is one for the whole team to make. Look out Lancer football, the Hellcats are gunna take you DOWN!

Being Human

Something to Watch Over Me
Aidan and Josh get involved in the neighborhood watch in an attempt to “play more with others”, which bring Aidan to the attention of someone from his past. The guys bring Sally a gift in the form of a fellow ghost to shows her the ghostly ropes. She if finally able to leave the house and with her freedom they start to expand her character. I hope they don’t let her wallow to long over her fiancĂ©. I see potential in her character, and extended blubbering could really ruin it for me. Josh spends time marching in the Neighborhood watch and finds himself struggling to control his aggressive side. He makes a declaration that he doesn’t want to change in the basement of the hospital anymore. I am still confused as to why.

I have to say, for having lived for 200 yrs Aidan sure seems naive. How is he so lost after such a long time? His character baffles me. He acts more like a newly turned vamp. If I stop watching this show it will be in large part because of Bishop. I have a major dislike for this guy. He makes me angry the second they show his face on the screen. Perhaps that is his purpose in life *shrug*. Josh’s history is still a complete mystery to us and without knowing how he became the way he is, I find it hard to sympathies with his character. He seems week and silly so far.

So why do I keep watching this show? I’m really not sure. There is something that keeps drawing me back. Maybe it’s lines like when Josh says to Aidan “How are we suppose to make friends if you keep EATING them?”. Sally and her 80’s ghost pal were lots of fun in this last episode. I’m sad they sent him into the great beyond already. Aidan and Josh have their moments and I find myself wanting to cheer for them. I could really use a few more “big reveal” episodes so I don’t feel so lost all the time. They are all likable character and I want to immerse myself in their world but so far I’m just treading water.

Wouldn’t It Be Nice
Josh finally finds a Werewolf buddy. Ray reaches out to teach Josh the ropes and Josh starts to see that maybe his life aint so bad. Ray turns out not to be such a great influence though when he takes Josh out Vampire hunting. Uh oh I see conflict between the roommates brewing. Sally practices her new found powers of interacting with the living world and keeping Danny from moving on. Sally starts to see that she really must start letting go, but in her attempt to help Josh move on I fear she may have accomplished just the opposite.

When gal vamp Rebecca shows up begging Aidan to help her out of the vamp life with Bishop, Aidan tries to bring her around to his new way of life. This episode started to show the truly brutal struggle that Aidan faces everyday not to kill. His portrayal is reminiscent of a serious drug addicts struggle and finally started to ring true to me.

This week’s episode showed me a little more of the struggle that our characters are actually facing. They are starting to give me something to cheer for, something to hope for. It also didn’t hurt that Bishop was absent from this episode. I think I’ll stick around a little longer and see what happens.

Primeval is Back!

After over a year on hiatus Primeval is back on the BBCA for a fourth season and no one is happier about it than ME!!! Think of Primeval as part Jurassic Park, part Indian Jones, part Time Cop, and ALL kinds of fun. This show takes place in London where an unlikely group of experts come together to try and figure out why rips in time start popping up. They battle the creatures and people that happen through these “anomalies”, trying to keep balance through time.

Over the years this show has seen many changes. From season 1 to season 3 Primeval loses 3of its main characters, replaces them with new ones, and continues on without missing a beat. It has to be a first. I think the only way this show has been able to stay so strong is due to 2 amazing actors, Andrew Lee Potts (Connor) and Hannah Spearritt (Abby). Through all the changes these two keep their characters strong and you can’t wait to see what they do next. I completely love these two and the fact that they are a real life couple makes me love them even more.

Season 4 opens with Connor and Abby trapped in the past, living among dangerous dinosaurs, for the past year. They are finally able to make their way back to the present only to find massive changes have occurred to the ARC (Anomaly Research Center). But the war against the anomalies continues and there is little time to get their feet back under them. Although we have lost some friends along the way don’t count them out quite yet. Time is a tricky thing and you never know who could pop back up.

You can stream Seasons 1-3 on Netflix if you are interested in catching up or just go ahead and jump right in. You won’t be disappointed.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Vampire Diaries - Daddy Issues & other news

So I ran across a little news today that may actually convince me that Mason Lockwood is truly dead and gone. From "Taylor Kinney, best known for his role as werewolf Mason Lockwood on Vampire Diaries, has become the first actor cast in Michael Patrick King's drama pilot for NBC A Mann's World." So with a new show in the bag I guess that may actually seal his fate. Although stranger things have happened.

Episode Daddy Issues in review:
Jonathan Gilbert is back and lets face it, NO ONE trusts this guy. He swears he is there to protect Elena but I don't buy it for one second. Stefan tries to reach out to Tyler but can you really blame Tyler for not buying it hook line and sinker? He has been dropped into a world he never knew existed and is being forced to choose a side when he doesn't even know what they are fighting over. He saves Caroline from her cage but hesitates when his fellow werewolf holds a gun to her head. Loyalty to the pack or to the friends he has always know? Tyler has some big decisions to make, lets hope its not to late for him to make them. I think we will be seeing a change in Caroline after her hostage experience. Damon sinks deeper into his despair, and now he has a new toy. Shall we take bets on how long it takes him to kill her?

In a nutshell the Werewolf's are pissed and the war in SO ON!!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Vampire Diaries - Catching Up *Spoilers*

By The Light of the Moon
This is one of my favorite episodes. A) Stefan trapped in the tomb. I only wish he would have stayed there longer. B) Elaina under supernatural house arrest. C) Tyler has a seriously intense transformation with Caroline looking on helplessly. I have enjoyed Caroline so much more since she became a vampire. D) Elijah pays a visit to Elaina and we take another twist on our doppelganger journey. E) Surprise! There are more wolfs in the pack. I keep asking myself “is Mason Lockwood REALLY gone?” Given this shows track record for bringing dead people back more times than anyone could think possible, I find it hard to believe but we shall see. F) Rose makes a penitent return saving Damon’s life in the process, and Bonnie losses the moonstone to some tricky witches. An excellent episode to leave us with, counting the minutes until its return.

The Descent
Stefan disappears in this episode to go looking for answers from Isabel. Elaina is left to nurse Rose on her sick bed as she descends into madness from the werewolf bite. With the loss of Rose we get a glimpse as to why Damon has become the person he is now. In the end, he completely cracks and tells a complete stranger that more than anything he misses feeling human, just before he eats her. I think there are dark days ahead for Damon. A good Damon episode but a little lacking in storyline, it was not the big return from break show that I was hoping for. It did tie up some loose ends and did stand to remind us that Damon is a wild card.

I'm excited to see where the rest of season 2 takes us. In the mean time, here is an article I ran across to give you a little insight into what may be coming up and a teaser for the season 2 finale.
The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Bad Things Are Going to Happen...