Monday, December 6, 2010

Are You Watching FX????

If you have not been watching FX you are missing out on some AMAZING TV!!!! The first show that I started watching on FX was Justified. Holy cow, that is some good TV. Justified story lines are base on the most famous outlaws, crimes and criminals in American history. Set in current times in Harlan County, Kentucky. Justified is returning for a second season soon and I hear rumor that a rerunning of season 1 will precede it. If you watch nothing else this year WATCH THIS SHOW.

Terriers was another origin series that showed up on FX this fall. A gritty drama based around an ex-cop and his ex-con sidekick. First of all we loved this show because it is set in Brent’s home stomping grounds of San Diego. It was fun to see some of our favorite local spots show up in scenes. The Network has announced that it is canceling Terriers due to its super low ratings and yet it was a favorite with the critics. It makes you wonder. First of all the network launched this show at a very strange time, somewhere between the summer and fall seasons. Then there is the name “Terriers” I think it probably confused people. It gave no indication as to what the show was about. Even after watching every episode I still couldn’t tell you what the name had to do with the show but I couldn’t have cared less. You should definitely look for this show on DVD. It is worth watching.

What is it that separates these FX series from the rest? I have been pondering that very question lately. Here is what I think. These story lines are raw, full of punch. You can't make yourself look away. The main characters, while basically good, are carrying around dark pasts. Our hero's do not always win the battle but your crossing your fingers that they win the war. These shows are beautiful shot. This is some of the best looking TV out there. The music they are putting on these shows is unusual and fresh and I have to say I'm loving it. This only scrapes the surface of what makes these shows so great. Check them out yourself and let me know what you think.

FX is launching a new series in January called Lights Out. With the awesome shows that I have seen so far from FX I can’t wait to check it out.

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