Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The TiVo of an Insomniac

People are often stunned into silence when they begin to figure out just how many TV shows I watch. How in the world does a wife and mother of 2 with a home, a small business, volunteer duties, pets, and a full life find the time????? My answer is a simple one, Insomnia. I suppose I must also credit the invention of the DVR without whom I wouldn’t be able to keep up my sick and twisted obsession.
Currently I have 53 season passes the keep my TiVo buzzing. *GASP* you say? Now hold your horses! This is really not so bad when you consider that probably ½ of these are off season shows. Meaning not all of these 53 season passes are recording during the same months. I would need a few more lines feeding into my TiVo if that were the case. (hint, hint to the makers of the DVR). 30 of these season passes are “fall shows” with 21 “off season” shows and 2 that have been canceled by their current networks but that I am still holding out hope for.
So here we go. This is a list of the shows I am currently following, and they are in NO particular order. If you are a fan of any of these feel free to join the conversation.

Fall Season
Lie to Me
The Mentalist
Two and a Half Men
Sanctuary (changed this season from an off Season)
Vampire Diaries
NCIS: Los Angeles
Modern Family
Stargate Universe
Life Unexpected
Human Target
Melissa & Joey
The Event
Hawaii Five-0
The Defenders
Blue Bloods
No Ordinary Family
The Big Bang Theory
Law & Order: Los Angeles

Off Season
Royal Pains
In Plain Sight
Burn Notice
So You Think You Can Dance
Warehouse 13
Dark Blue
White Collar
Make It or Break It
Gator 911
Rookie Blue
The Glades
Covert Affairs
Rizzoli & Isles
Memphis Beat
Sister Wives

Shows that may be canceled but I’m holding out
Hope for…

The Gates
Legend of the Seeker


  1. The mentalist, Bones, Fringe, chuck. These are the only four I recognise and LOVE!

  2. I am all for Fringe, Vampire Diaries, Castle, Hellcats, The Event, Psych (which comes back tomorrow!!!), and Sister Wives. I'm surprised you don't have V on there... don't tell me they canceled it!!!
    I also watch The Soup (where I get all my important Celebrity news), and Glee. I'm sure there are others, I'll have to check my DVR, which I love. To death. It's the best ever!!!

  3. chosing weather on not to watch V was a struggle for me. I seriously LOVED the original. I just wasn't willing to taint the memory of the original. I will have to check on its renewal status.