Sunday, November 21, 2010

Life Unexpected not expected to make it

This makes me so sad. I adore this show. It’s about a girl who was given up for adoption by her high school aged parents. Now a teenager looking to free herself from "the system" Lux seeks out her birth parents who are stunned to find out she was never adopted. The show was iffy to return for its second season this year. When it was announced that it would return for season 2 I rejoiced. I just knew that given another shot people would discover its heart warming brilliance. Fast forward to today. Here we are at mid season and Life Unexpected is still struggling. I feel like they have made a valiant effort this season kicking up some of the drama to entice people but ultimately the results have been slim. If you want MY opinion the biggest problem with this show is Kate. Now don’t get me wrong I love Shiri Appleby. She stared in Roswell and thus is tattooed on my heart for all time. The problem is the way they have written her character. She is CRAZY. You never know who you will be getting from episode to episode. Because of her personality roller coaster it is VERY hard to setup in her camp. And as a second problem they married Kate and Ryan. As I’ve said before, people WANT their main characters to get together. While Kate and Ryan were just engaged or breaking up (whatever the week may be) there was hope for Baze. Now with the entrance of Baze’s new love interest (who is really not likable) our hopes fade even further. They are pushing the story to fast, not letting us get to know the characters. Helping us understand why they are who they are. All that said, I will be watching this show until the bitter end. Reports say that at the end of the second season they will find a way to satisfy the fans with some sort of an ending all the while hoping for a miracle renewal for a 3rd season.

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