Thursday, November 25, 2010

Stargate Universe – Visitation

I was a little disappointed in this episode. As the lead in to the midseason finale I expected more of a “to be continued”. This episode was more of a standalone episode than any before it.
A couple episodes ago when Rush finally tells everyone that he has uncovered Destiny’s true purpose the “god” card is introduced. Destiny is chasing a pattern that could not have occurred naturally or be manmade. Ok they didn’t go overboard on it, and I suppose when you face death every episode questions about your eternal purpose are probably going to pop up. However, the Visitation episode slams the “god” card front and center.
The Visitation episode begins with part of the crew, who wanted to be left behind on an “Eden” planet, mysteriously reappearing in a completely restored shuttle. (All of them EXCEPT TJ’s baby; another loose thread I’m not sure they are ever going to tie off). After checking out healthy and normal upon their return the reintroduced crew members start dropping dead of injuries that didn’t happen to them on the ship. To help in making the whole thing stranger, every one of them has amnesia. They have no memory of what happened on the planet or how they came to be back on the Destiny. With the use of hypnosis they start to discover clues about what happened. Basically they all died of exposure due to the onset of winter on Eden. They had no food, fuel, or any real shelter and died on the planet. This begs the question WHY??????? Why would the “aliens” resurrect them just long enough to place them back on the Destiny? Why would they go to all the trouble of the resurrection and bringing them to the Destiny just to let them die again? The only explanation given as a closing to the episode is that the “aliens” were not God. They could fix the mechanical but not the spiritual. Only a shadow of their souls was there, not their true selves. So, not only am I left with a confusing episode but the worst part is that it does NOTHING to move the story along. I guess they just needed some filler till the mid-season finale.
Since the restart of the series this season it seems like they have been adjusting their characters, trying to find a better fit. The problem with that is our characters start to feel a little bi-polar. Will Col. Young be up to dealing with whatever crisis the crew is handed this week? Will Rush be forth coming with his information, or will he be keeping secrets? I just can’t figure Rush out, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to why he does what he does, or to what secrets he is keeping from the crew this week. The writers have stuffed Chloe into isolation and don’t seem to know what to do with her. Who knows, I’m probably wrong. I’m sure the writers have a master plan and are laying out the pieces as they see fit. But I’ll be damned if I can follow their logic.
Regardless…..I’m invested in this series. I have become fond of the characters and their struggles to get back home. I am heartbroken for Eli and his loss of Ginn. I am still pulling for Matthew and Chloe that they will find their happy ending. I’m waiting for Col. Young to start acting human and acknowledge the loss of his daughter. There are still many stories to be told here and I am patiently waiting for the writers to figure it out.

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